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pretty sure this week i reached my recovery limit. I failed my 3 sets of 190x5 on the bench Monday (I did 190x4/190x4/185x4) and then proceeded to fail my 115 seated strict press on wednesday, and have now failed a 185 bench today.

wednesday I had some really weird cramping in my left shoulder on both sets of 115 press (i didn't fail the reps, the cramping stopped me from doing a third set, though.) haven't had any pain or discomfort since, so no injury apparently.

so i guess my plan of attack is to drop the weight by 20lbs on all of my lifts and switch to a 4x6-8 set and rep range, with shorter rest periods. I'll increase the lifts 5 lbs every session until I get back to my current sticking point. This should give me some active recovery, and the extra volume should help with form issues and make the 5 rep max lifts easier when I get back to them.

going to do some assistance work (rotator cuff PT exercises and my hamstring exercises) and stretching on off days as well. Hopefully in a few weeks I'm back to pushing for new records, at least for a little while.