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(no subject)
This is a somber piece that I've been trying to put together for a really long time - close to a year. I never could get it off of the ground. The temp track for it was "Fortress of Regrets" from the Planescape Torment soundtrack, and it's meant to be a gift for an old friend of mine who has developed and ran a high-fantasy MUD game (the only game I still frequent) for two decades.

Whether I just lacked inspiration or couldn't quite make the very minor, regretful sensation work, I'm not sure. Seems to have worked this time, though. I feel like the brightness of the strings in the second section could be turned down a notch, but besides that, I'm fairly happy with it.


I would like to be more in line with this in the future in my own works, but trying to do chord substitutions and accidentals all the time while making it sound good is a pretty high difficulty task. I do think it's something which separates men from boys, though.

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Woah... I like this one a lot; think it may be the best of yours I've heard so far. Very nice work!

Do you ever write lyrics/vocal scores for your pieces? With this one, I find myself humming along with it in counterpoint, like it was karaoke music for a song I don't yet know.

Sorry I haven't been online in recent weeks; I'm terribly far behind on comments, but still reading every chance I get. Hope things are going better for you - seems like they must be, if you're getting your inspiration back! *hugs* Happy Thanksgiving, young Jedi - *high-fives* Woohoo, Dems took the House!

Rarely I'll write lyrics and sing them in my head or out loud to get them where I want them. Even more rarely will I record and place them into the music itself. There's maybe three pieces I've ever shared with the world that had vocals, and probably only one of them that I'd be willing to share now.

If you figured out some counterpoint to this piece, I'd love to hear it. A lot to ask of course, but I haven't heard any myself - though I haven't really tried, either, to be fair. This was a pretty single-minded task that I set myself on.

Glad you like it. My friend seemed particularly impressed by it, too, so that's good. I myself like it, but am having a hard time coming to grips with how emotional it is. I don't really want to listen to it anymore because it's a little *too* evocative for me. It's like I wrapped up all of my regrets, anxieties, insecurities and failures into it and when I give it honest listens I can't help but be overwhelmed by those feelings. Haven't really experienced that before in my own work, so I take it as being significant, though I'm not exactly sure what it means, if anything at all.

Anywho, you've no need to be sorry about not being online - there are a million things in this world to be seen besides livejournal and the internet ;) Things are fine here - winter tends to suck and we've had a blast of it today, but I've plenty of things keeping my attention off of the miserable weather. No worries on that end at any rate.

I, too, am glad the Dems took the house back - we will see what the next two years brings.

Hopefully we can get rid of Trump in 2020 and never see anyone like him in that office ever again.

-hugs- Lots of love. I pray you are in good spirits and good health. Enjoy the season!

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