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(no subject)
I voted today, though it's mostly pointless - our districts were redrawn this year by the PA supreme court (which should be, in the big picture, beneficial for most of the state - republicans had been gerrymandering these districts for a long time) so my current district has a battle that can't be won by anyone left of the right (this district is now something like 60-70% red.) Our district used to contain Erie, which made it a bit more contested. However, this is better for Erie so I can live with it - I guess.

My vote for PA governor and senator is all that really has a chance of mattering. As far as presidential elections go, my vote will no longer matter - I highly doubt this district will ever go blue. The house election is unlikely - the democratic candidate for my district is a sociology professor (you know, one of those 'useless degrees' according to the new right wing) which, I'm sure, will make Rs come out in droves to ensure the incumbent survives.

The local paper ran a half page 'our opinion' editorial yesterday, telling people to go out and vote Republican. There hasn't been a single ad in it for a democratic candidate that I've seen for the past few weeks. The Sunday guide ran a full front page entirely dedicated to Republicans last week. That should tell you everything you need to know about this region.

As for Kathy Rapp, she once again is running uncontested for this district. She has ran uncontested every election for my entire adult life (if memory serves.) I wrote in "NOT KATHY RAPP" though I know it doesn't matter. (This woman's deceased husband was an IBEW worker his entire life, and half of his pension now goes to her. She's all for "right-to-work" anti-union laws...isn't that funny?)