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Stupid Horoscope
Today was a bit of a rough day. Yesterday saw about 5" of rainfall in this area, and trees were coming down all over (alongside some flooding in Youngsville and near any streams.) Two very large white oaks fell across the road maybe a half mile from the house, and my father of course was right on top of that. Except these oaks were so large that there was no way he was going to handle it by himself, and they were also still alive.

We very rarely get green wood (which is exceptionally heavy prior to being split, and needs to dry for a good long while) but this one took the cake. The diameter of the trees was around 24", and if I had to take a guess, the weight of each 20" length piece was at least 150-250lbs.

The problem with lifting these bastards is that you can't do it with good form. The larger the tree, the more weight is distributed further and further away from your center of gravity, straining your back muscles and hamstrings. Lifting from the ground should always be done with the weight as close to your legs as possible...but the real world isn't ideal like a weight room.

To make a long story short, I pulled my back in a way I've not experienced before. I'm not sure if I crushed/herniated a disc and have radiating pain from that, or if it was simply the insertion point on my lattimus dorsi - I'm *hoping* it was my lat. I can't twist well, nor bend my back much. Getting up from a laying position is pretty painful, and so is standing up from a chair if my posture isn't absolutely perfect.

The pain is mostly situated near the insertion point on my lat, between my spine and my left side. I can take an educated guess and say that if it were a vertebrae problem, I'd have radiating pain on both sides. I hope anyway. Edit: Think it's probably erector spinae, or serratus anterior, on the left side.

I pulled my back on the first load; we got four more after that. This was a four hour project. Little bit more work than I signed up for.

When I finally got around to reading the paper, at about 6pm, my horoscope for the day said, in fewer words, "beware of greedy people." Horoscopes are stupid, but that one is just a little too accurate in this case. I'd probably feel a lot better right now if I didn't have to lift 32 150-250lb pieces into a trailer *after* straining my back.

At any rate, happy Solstice. I made a camp fire out in the field an hour before nightfall and waited for the stars to come out, as I like to do when the weather is good and the seasons change. I'm the only person I know here who celebrates them, so it's a solitary endeavor, but I feel like it's important nonetheless.