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Gut Reactions

Apparently Greenpeace gatecrashed a conservative dinner party in the UK. There's a video floating around of what Mark Field did to a young woman who was among the greenpeace protesters, and I'm not ashamed to say that if I had been in the room and saw it happening, my immediate reaction would have been to knock Mark Field out in as brutal a fashion as possible. Of course, I would never *be* at a conservative dinner party, nor would anyone who's anything like me.

What's most concerning about the video is the fact that nobody stands up to defuse his heavy handed approach, not one.

I read the opposing side of the argument and Mark Field's response, which goes along the lines of 'there was no security and I was afraid she was armed' but I'm not sure I believe it fully - if there's 40 greenpeace protesters at your event, they are inside the event, and you are concerned someone - or all of them - are armed, one would imagine the most prudent action would be to cancel the event and get people out of harms way.

No, this almost certainly was simply an asshole plutocrat who figured he could physically stop a protestor from making a statement, and ruining his neo-fascist dinner party. Hopefully the assault charges succeed.

As a final thought, one wonders how well armed one could be while wearing a form-fitting red dress.