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A meme of sorts
1. Beekeeping

I know absolutely *nothing* about beekeeping. There was one beekeeper in Tidioute (he passed within the past couple years iirc) who placed a few hives in our field many years ago - I don't remember if they did well or not, but I do know he never brought the hives back in future years.

From general news exposure (and being a little more up-to-date than some on climate change and related collapse phenomena) I do know that it *appears* honey bees are not doing so well as a whole; but I have also read that 'honey bees' as we know them were not native to the United States. They're not the only pollinators, and I don't think the US is in serious danger should they disappear completely from this continent.

I think beekeeping would be a neat thing to get into; not really sure I have the proper environment to do it, but it is something I've considered in the past. One might even make a little extra money (or simply harvest some quality honey) without too much expense.

2. World War 1

The only thing I really know about World War I is that it started over the (attempted?) assassination of a very important figure (who's name and nation escapes me - edit: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria) and that it was the first war in which legitimate chemical warfare was waged. Of course no one is supposed to use chemical warfare anymore - but we still use depleted uranium ammunition even, as well as certain other borderline chemical agents, including white phosphorous.

Based on some cursory reading, the Germans surrendered in 1918, and within a little over two decades, they started World War II. Seems almost impossible to me that a nation who *surrendered* after a major world war could build itself back up in only two decades and become a force that came extremely close to conquering an entire continent (possibly the world) within a matter of years. It's impressive and terrifying - one wouldn't think it should be reasonably possible, especially for a nation that does not have immense natural resources at its disposal.

3. Japanese art

I suppose I should load up wikipedia and look at traditional Japanese art, but there is at least one form I'm familiar with, and that's anime. I've always loved it. I grew up watching Sailor Moon *on rental VHS, because we only had 5 antenna channels* and through middle school found myself consuming every season of Dragon Ball Z as well as a number of others in my late teens - Blue Gender (kinda like Starship Troopers), FLCL (AKA Furi Kuri, a fantastical coming of age story about a little boy who meets a rambunctious female alien) and more. Gundam Wing and Mobile Suit Gundam I also watched, though I never felt the character development was very good - I just had an affinity for giant, nuclear powered robots thanks to Battletech, likely. There were many others...off the top of my head, Akira (the original movie) as well as Ghost in the Shell feature highly among them.

Anime is an art form all to itself. I never really felt that the fact it was *animated* took away from it, though I think many in the western world look down on it as being meant for kids. It certainly isn't (always), but to each their own.

It bears mentioning that there's a recent western movie that did fairly well based off a Japanese manga - "Edge of Tomorrow" with Tom Cruise. Had they done that movie, frame for frame, animated, with the same voice actors, it would've been *great*. Still love the movie, don't get me wrong, but it's a shining example of the amazing ideas that come out of Japanese artists and writers. If you haven't seen it, it's a must-see.